1969 was a remarkable year in Rock & Roll History. The Beatles released Abbey Road, Led Zeppelin debuted with Led Zeppelin I and over 500.000 hippies made love at the Woodstock festival. But it wasn’t only about Love and Peace. The Beatles performed live for the last time and would soon part ways. The free festival at the Altamont Speedway later that year, turned out to be a disaster with riots and murder. Gimme shelter!

In this very year The Rolling Stones released their newest album Let it Bleed. Together with Beggars Banquet (released a year earlier) it marks the return to their more bluesy sound from the earlier years. Other influences on this album were drawn from gospel, country-blues and country-rock. 
During the recording sessions for Let it Bleed problems were at hand with the bands founder and original leader Brian Jones. Due to heavy drug use and personal issues, he was no longer able to contribute meaningfully and only appeared on two songs. After his resignation Mick Taylor was hired and recorded some guitar overdubs. But in the end most of the main guitar parts on this album were played by Keith Richards.

All together this was a turning point for The Rolling Stones and one can say, with no doubt, that Let it Bleed is a remarkable album with that typical vibe from the late sixties, that sounds as exciting now as it did 55 years ago. It deserves special attention and therefore Exile made plans to honor this album with a Let it Bleed club tour in 2024. They will play the album, an acoustic set and and a selection of Stones classics!

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